Why RoR?

Ruby on Rails has been considered to be a proven architecture and tool which could be used for the fastest growing and most efficient business solutions. It is an OOP or object oriented programming language which makes programming a lot easier, not to mention more interesting. Rails has been able to revolutionize the world of web development with its functionality and practicality. It has provided programmers with the tools to get rid of the long coding techniques as well as to enhance ruby programming.

Ruby on Rails is a free, open source web framework that uses the Ruby programming language in the development of database-backed web applications through the Model-View-Control model optimized for continuous productivity. Rails gives an exclusive Ruby development environment from the controller’s request and response to the domain model which wraps the database. In order to go live, you would just have to add a web server and a database.

A lot of web developers prefer to use Ruby on Rails because they want to make the development process a lot faster and more accurate, as Rails is truly an efficient tool. It provides easy and quick development that would still yield quality results. With the Ruby programming language, just a few lines of code are needed to be written compared to the other programming languages which may require more lines to obtain the same result. Rails requires minimal software usage so you could efficiently generate more codes. It offers programming convention, which eliminates the use of verbose xml configuration files.

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