Creating a new element in the DOM + Prototype +Ruby on Rails

<%=javascript_include_tag :defaults%>
<title>Creating a new element in the DOM</title>

<table width=”100%” id=”tblmain”>
<tr id=’main_1′>
<table width=”100%”>
<td width=’22%’><%=text_field ‘dharmdip’ , ‘rathod’ , :size=>25%></td>
<td width=’22%’><%=text_field ‘dharmdip’ , ‘rathod’ , :size=>25%></td>
<td width=’22%’><%=text_field ‘dharmdip’ , ‘rathod’ , :size=>25%></td>
<td width=’22%’><%=text_field ‘dharmdip’ , ‘rathod’ , :size=>25%></td>
<td width=’12%’><%=link_to_function (‘Add’,(“clickhere()”))%></td>

function clickhere()
var len = $(‘tblmain’).rows.length
new Insertion.After(‘main_’+len, ‘<tr id=”main_’+(len+1)+'”><td><table width=”100%”><tr><td width=”22%”><%=text_field ‘dharmdip’ , ‘rathod’ , :size=>25%></td><td width=”22%”><%=text_field ‘dharmdip’ , ‘rathod’ , :size=>25%></td><td width=”22%”><%=text_field ‘dharmdip’ , ‘rathod’ , :size=>25%></td><td width=”22%”><%=text_field ‘dharmdip’ , ‘rathod’ , :size=>25%></td><td width=”12%”><a href=”#” id=”lnk_’+(len)+'” title=”‘+(len)+'” onclick=”clickdelete(this.title)”>Remove</a></td></tr></table></td>’)

function clickdelete(val)

function updateAllRow(val)
var no = $(‘tblmain’).rows.length;
var obj_Row = Object();

val1 = parseInt(val) + 1;
obj_Row = $(‘main_’+i);
obj_lnk = $(‘lnk_’+i); = ‘lnk_’+val;
obj_lnk.title = val;


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