Deploy Rails (Ruby on Rails )application…

Deploy Rails (Ruby on Rails )application from Windows with Heroku and Git.

1) First get Git and install it.

2) If Git has not set PATH , press window+break and in advance tab set path “C:\Program Files\Git\bin”

3) Restart you system

4) Now install gem Heroku

gem install heroku

5) Make application with rails “appplication”

6) Initialize git repo.

git init

7) Now, Create your application on Heroku

heroku create

This will ask you for heroku credentil email and password once you have given correct will save in heroku
credentil file. /heroku/credentil

If you have already created application on heroku please skip this step.

8) Now it’s time to push you application to Heroku

git push heroku master

9) Now Database on Heroku

heroku rake db:migrate

Hey , your creation is on ^

In case if you need to set your rsa key just type ssh-keygen -t rsa -C “email_address” it will generate rsa key for heroku.You can find in current user ~/.ssh folder.

Have fun !!!!!